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[BEER] Samichlaus is coming to town

Yesterday we were a quick trip across the german border, together with the inlaws, to do a little pillaging. Among the loot was a couple of beers, and more importantly a beer that I first heard of more than 20 years ago, I think.

Believed to be one of the rarest, brewed only one day of the year on Sct. Nicholaus day, and also the world's strongest ale, with it's 14% alcohol, I was quite excited to find this beer, and even more so to taste it.

Now I've tasted some bad, strong beer before, so I was a little sceptic at first. But it turned out to be a really nice beer.
Beautifull red/brown colour, rich flavour of malt and raisins, yet slightly smoked. And the alcohol just gives a little kick at the back of the throat, but nothing that distracts from the taste at all.

It is supposedly good for food, and especially desserts - so I had it with a homemade cup cake (thank you Ida). But you should really drink it alongside some nice chocolate. And don't you think about having seconds. One is enough.

Nationality : Austria
Brew masters : Schloss Eggenberger

Rating :