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...a substitute for hatetank.dk?

So Kim told me about her new blog, and how easy it was to set up. And I thought "well, it's a start". I mean I've been on her case for several years now telling her to get a proper website online. So a blog would definetely be a starting point.
And I went to take a look - and behold... it had pictures and structure. I had to admit that free blogging services had come a long way.
And so I started to look into it myself. It took me only a few hours of playing about, and I had something I thought was pretty usefull. Now I'm used to setting up my own stuff, and I've been told that I'm a control freak, so giving up control to a mere "standard blog" was something that made me cringe.
But I gotta say - it is pretty darned spiffy. I DO miss a feature or two, but for the price and effort you have to put in before you're up and running, it is just great.

So I'm gonna try and migrate the vital data from my other sites, and perhaps I'll even get around to updating more frequently. It's gonna take ma a while to get galleries and such up and running, but I'm positive and dedicated... at least as I am writing this.

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